Working Capital Services:

1. **Cash Credit:** Secure revolving loan facility extended by banks or financial institutions to businesses to meet their short-term working capital needs. It allows businesses to withdraw funds up to a certain limit against their inventory or receivables.

2. **Overdraft (OD):** A flexible credit facility offered by banks where businesses can withdraw more money than they have in their account, up to a pre-approved limit. Interest is charged only on the amount overdrawn and for the period it's used.

3. **Bank Guarantee (BG):** A guarantee issued by a bank on behalf of a customer to a third party, promising payment in case the customer fails to fulfill their contractual obligations. It's often used in trade transactions or as a security deposit.

4. **Letter of Credit (LC):** A financial instrument issued by a bank on behalf of a buyer (importer) to guarantee payment to a seller (exporter) once certain conditions are met. It ensures that the seller will receive payment for goods or services, provided they comply with the terms specified in the LC.

5. **Packing Credit:** Short-term finance provided by banks to exporters to finance the purchase, processing, manufacturing, or packing of goods before shipment. It helps exporters bridge the gap between procuring raw materials and receiving payment for the exported goods.

These working capital services are essential for businesses to manage their day-to-day operations, meet short-term financial obligations, and seize growth opportunities. Each service offers specific benefits tailored to the diverse needs of businesses across different industries and sectors.

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